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Following on from my post on eBooks, this week I purchased a surprise gift for my wife, a Kindle! She has a back injury which causes considerable pain if she reads hardcovers for too long. An avid reader, the super slim lithe device with the e-ink typeface is the perfect solution for her. Wait rewind, I feel I’ve jumped too far ahead. A week ago I managed to win a cruise. For real, no scam. I entered a competition in December and presto, I won an 18 night cruise on the wonderful Celebrity Century for the two of us. 18 days away means plenty of time to read and hence the Kindle.

It’s fair to say we’re very excited right now.

The cruise includes 8 days at sea. That’s 8 full days with no kids as graciously my in-laws are going to host, performing the school and activities run around while we’re away. Those 8 days for me are golden. 8 days without work, phone calls or emails! 8 days with only a laptop and… drum roll…. the freedom to churn away at my entirely new story. Over the Christmas break I’ve slammed my way into a new novel. New characters, plot and genre. How much will I get done? I have no idea. It will certainly be more than I could achieve otherwise as the usual routine of life gets in the way.

I’m really enjoying writing again. Characters are speaking to me and the plot is moving along nicely. Writing is very Zen, an in the moment all absorbing experience and I absolutely love it. What can I say, I like to tell stories and this one is absolutely fascinating no spoilers!

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of launching one of my books online. Just one, to learn the process and have something out there. This would definitely be a second half of the year prospect as right now my focus is solely on the new manuscript. Whichever one I choose will need some further tweaking to package appropriately.

I won’t post when we’re away only because internet at sea costs an arm and a leg. An update as to my progress will appear once we return and maybe a picture or two!

Bon Voyage :)

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2 Responses to News.. News and more News!

  1. Moss says:

    Congrats on your win Jason! Hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise and hopefully do heaps of writing so that we can have something new and exciting to read when you come back.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Moss!

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