DreamState – 70,000 words.

An urban paranormal action blockbuster with a hint of science fiction. Look, I hate spoilers and the following is the basic premise, read at your own peril. A down and out psychic becomes swept up in a desperate battle to save the world from anarchists who remain hell bent on the destruction of western civilisation. First chapter – PDF format.

Status – In need of some serious editing…

Flight – 65,000 words.

An urban sci fi story about what it means to be human and how far people will go to help a friend… First few pages – PDF format.

Status – Looking for a publishing home after being professionally edited…

The Curing – 75,000 words.

2011 novel First dozen or so pages – PDF format.

This story is a step sideways for me as it touches on horror, containing a few not so nice events. It’s a detective styled follow the crumbs thriller and military action urban fantasy all jumbled together.

Status – Deserving of another complete edit however on the back burner for 2013.

Impatience – 130,000 words.

A natural disaster impacts heavily on the Australasian region, pushing the resolve of the populous to their absolute limits. Impatience Extract, scene one. – PDF format.

Status – Half way through applying copious edits. This is one wild ride of a story and I can’t wait to have the professionally edited version to send out…

The Healing Truth – 96,000 words.

My first foray into the wonderful genre of Fantasy.

Scene one, training – PDF format.

Status – Parked for now.

Evolution Series Trilogy

Book One – Balance – 130,000 words.
Balance is the first book I wrote and took most of 2008 to complete.

The ancient battle between good and evil rages across our modern age as humanity prepares for the coming apocalypse. Necessity triggers the next evolutionary step with unexpected consequences. Balance Extract. Two, somewhat associated, short scenes. – PDF format.

Status – Requires considerable editing and way more free time then I have available at present…

Short Stories:

Walt – 5000 words.

This is my first short story, written early 2009. It takes place over a traumatic period of reflection in one man’s turbulent life. Walt – PDF format.

Lucy – 3900 words.

2010 short story. Lucy – PDF format.

Piper – 3000 words.

One of my latest short stories from 2010. Piper – PDF format.

2 Responses to Writing

  1. Meredith Mitchell says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for putting your writing out there.
    It must feel very personal having your thoughts
    out there for everyone to read!!
    Good for you.
    I enjoyed reading it.It feels very American…
    and is it in the catagory of “romance”??
    If you keep posting I will keep reading!!
    I probably read three or four novels a month.
    Meredith xx

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for reading, yeah it is kind of daunting to put my stuff out there.

    I was going through an American phase for some reason or another when I wrote Walt.


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