About Me


Over the last few years I’ve had a niggling urge to do something creative. When I started I could only see myself writing one book as the task seemed gigantic. At a stretch maybe a few short stories. Before long I ended up deep within a number of novels.

Most people who have read my manuscripts ask where do I find time and where the ideas come from? Firstly, I make time. I write late into the night and on weekends. I find writing a highly enjoyable and rewarding process, especially when I push through a difficult or complex part.

Most of all I love the reactions of readers!

Ideas whirl around in my head everyday and I regularly experience quite vivid dreams. The idea or framework of a story comes first, then character details for context and away I go.

I turned 40 this year, mid life crisis anyone? I’m married, a father of three and work full time in IT to pay the bills…

On my writing page you can find a few short stories and snippets from my novels…

There’s much more to come…

Jason C Gale.