Christmas festivities loom in the not too distant future as November rapidly disappears. This year my family are well organised with most of our Christmas presents already purchased, wrapped and waiting to go under the tree. What does this mean in terms of my writing? Well, hopefully I can spend a fair amount of December working on the Healing Truth Book 2. Here’s hoping I can get the most out of the time in-between various social commitments.

I’ve seen some interesting things happening in the e-book space recently. Penguin Global, a huge publisher are stepping back from offering eBooks to libraries claiming issues with piracy. Google Australia has finally launched. Has anyone purchased an eBook off Google Australia’s service so far? I certainly haven’t. I checked out their website, looks quite simple to use and the prices seemed okay.

This week I finished reading the Area 51 book. Well written and extremely thorough research. I’m so used to reading traditional character driven novels to read something non-fiction that held my interest throughout was fantastic. While I have plenty more books in my to be read pile I am deliberately ignoring them for the next few weeks to make the most of the opportunity before me and during the holidays!

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